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2016 Nest Updates

As of today, there has been 727 Loggerhead nests, 36 Green Turtle nests, and 18 Leatherback nests that have been counted on Boca Raton, Florida's beaches alone! These are great numbers for there still being over 2 months left for the official sea turtle season! While the Leatherback nests may seem like a very small amount compared to the Loggerhead nests, this is because Leatherback sea turtles have the widest global distribution of all reptile species. Sea turtles are known for traveling back to the same beach they were born on to lay eggs of their own during sea turtle season. However, Leatherbacks are the only known sea turtle that changes beaches of where it lays eggs - although they usually stay in the same region.

For daily updates of how many nests have been laid off South Florida's coasts, click the link below and watch the numbers increase with time!

Delicia Pop
Delicia Pop