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Beach Clean Up

Last week a few Devotees from the Devocean team participated in a beach clean up in Delray Beach, Florida. About 100 eager volunteers showed up to the event ready to clean the beach. Altogether, the Devocean team alone collected 3 full garbage bags filled with trash. Among these bags, the most frequently collected items were plastic and glass bottles, bottle caps, plastic straws, and cigarette butts. 
The Devocean Team noticed that at every beach entrance there were two large trash cans on either side of the pathway - which seemed to be disregarded by many beach goers based on how much trash was collected by everyone!
The Devocean Team strongly encourages that if you go to the beach, to ALWAYS clean up after yourself. Almost all beaches will have trash cans lined along the top of the beach so it is convenient for you to throw away your waste on your way out. Leaving trash such as plastic straws from your drink may seem like a harmless act but can have a colossal consequence on many marine animals including sea turtle who mistake the trash for food or accidentally become entangled in it.
Let's keep our beaches healthy and clean by simply throwing away our trash so marine life like sea turtles can live without worries and garbage in their lives!

Delicia Pop
Delicia Pop