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Hatchling Releases!

This past weekend, two members of the Devocean team were lucky enough to attend a hatchling release by Gumbo Limbo Nature Center in Boca Raton, FL. A hatchling release is a new, exciting and unique program Gumbo Limbo has started that allows the public to encounter baby sea turtles up close and personal that leaves an unforgettable night for those who attend.

Those lucky enough to get a spot in the program start the evening in a classroom to learn facts about sea turtles. This is followed by a trip to the beach to watch Gumbo Limbo staff members release baby sea turtles back to the ocean! Sea turtle hatchlings are released at night in order for the babies to have the least distractions and are able to follow the moon in the right direction to the ocean.

Delicia Pop
Delicia Pop