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New Year, Same Turtles (for now...)

Sea Turtle Season runs from March 1 through October 31, but that does not mean the FAU Marine Research Lab is empty during off season! The newborn hatchings that were gathered from the beaches in Palm Beach County in South Florida have grown up in the lab. During their time in the lab they were monitored daily and were fed a special diet to ensure a healthy development. 
Now that these turtles are healthy, strong, and big enough to return to the ocean, they are being released offshore where they have a better chance of survival from predators. We are so happy to have been able to save hundreds of hatchlings this past year, and we could not have done it without all of you!
Before we know it, all of the sea turtles from last season will safely be set free to explore the ocean! Just in time... for new baby hatchlings! In a few months all of the older hatchlings will be gone and the new hatchlings from this upcoming season will take their place. We are so excited for the next upcoming Sea Turtle Season! Check our blog to stay connected with what is going on in the lab. 

Delicia Pop
Delicia Pop