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Remember the Turtles This Spring Break!

March is officially the first month of Sea Turtle Season - and also the start of spring break for many colleges throughout the state of Florida. Beginning the first week of March thousands of spring breakers made their way to the beaches of South Florida, Broward county, which is the #1 nesting beach for female sea turtles to lay their eggs, is also one of the most popular beaches during spring break.
The litter and trash left behind by spring breakers and tourists alike do not just leave the beaches looking dirty and unpleasant to be on, it is also an extreme hazard for nesting turtles. South Florida beaches are home to Loggerheads, Green Turtles, and Leatherbacks. These turtles typically come ashore during the night to lay their eggs when the beach isn't as crowded. However, during spring break, the party does not stop when the sun goes down. Many people during this time still continue to crowd the beach through the night. When a female sea turtle comes to shore and is ready to lay her eggs but is startled or scared, she will turn around and go back to the ocean, sometimes completely missing an opportunity to nest altogether. 
The Devocean Co. Team wants to remind everyone to bring home what they brought to the beach with them, or to dispose of it properly. This also means that if you go to throw away your trash in the nearest trash can and it is overflowing, to find another that is not as full. If everyone helps to do their part, it will make for a much healthier and calmer environment for nesting female sea turtles this Sea Turtle Season.

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Delicia Pop
Delicia Pop