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Sea Turtle Season Has Officially Begun!

Good news, Devotees! It's March 1 which marks the official start of sea turtle season! This means that in the next few months thousands of female sea turtles will make their way to the beaches from South Carolina to South Florida to lay their eggs. Then, a few months later, our beaches will be crawling with thousands of new born hatchlings! 

Last year in the Boca Raton, Florida region alone there was a reported 729 Loggerhead nests, 37 Green sea turtle nests, and 17 Loggerhead nests. This year we are hoping there will be even more nests than in 2016!

The FAU Research Lab will soon be releasing the very last of the young sea turtles from last season that have grown up in the lab. These turtles are cared for by the FAU professors and lab technicians where they are constantly monitored and fed a special diet created in the lab. This enables them to grow up in a safe and healthy environment until they are big and old enough to make their way back to the ocean. 

Once these turtles are released, the lab in the following months will begin to prepare for a set of new sea turtle hatchlings and the process will start over again. Each year, the lab will care for hundreds of hatchlings which requires time, effort, and funding which is where Devocean Co. comes in and helps out! Thanks to all of our Devotees, we are able to make great contributions to not only the FAU Marine Research Lab but Gumbo Limbo Nature Center as well where adult sea turtle are rehabilitated from sickness and injuries.

Delicia Pop
Delicia Pop