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The Countdown to Sea Turtle Season Has Begun!

Good news, Devotees! On March 1, now less than one month away, the official Sea Turtle Season will begin and we will soon start to see nesting females come to shore to lay their eggs. Sea Turtle Season runs from March 1 - October 31. In this time, thousands of females will travel hundreds, some even thousands, of miles to return to the beach where they were originally born at. Loggerheads, Green Sea Turtles, and the rare Leatherbacks are the three sea turtles who utilize Florida's beaches for their nests.

During the season, these yellow signs will line the coastlines and beaches ranging from Broward County in South Florida to the coast of South Carolina. Broward County is the county with the most nests laid every year. Devocean Co. is lucky enough to be based out of South Florida where we are able to actively help as many hatchlings as possible. Each sea turtle season, the FAU Research Lab cares for hundreds of hatchlings where they are fed a special diet and closely monitored until they are old enough and strong enough to be released back to the ocean. 

Keep up with our blog to find out when the first sea turtle nest has been laid, the number of nests laid, and more during this 2017 Sea Turtle Season! 


Delicia Pop
Delicia Pop