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World Sea Turtle Day!

Happy World Sea Turtle Day!

Today is a day to celebrate everything about Sea Turtles! Every year on June 16th, we highlight the importance of sea turtles in our oceans across the globe and why it is vital to help in their survival. 
(Dr. Archie Carr 1909-1987)
We owe much of what we know today about sea turtles to world renowned biologist, Dr. Archie Carr. Archie is most commonly referred to as "The Father of Sea Turtle Biology" and is the founding director of the Sea Turtle Conservancy. Thanks to his research, knowledge, and writings, we are able to learn from his teachings and continue his work in ensuring happier and healthier lives for sea turtles everywhere. 
Although today is a day to celebrate, sea turtles need to be appreciated EVERY DAY not just on World Sea Turtle Day! You can help do your part by spreading the word and helping to raise awareness about Sea Turtle Conservation. 

Delicia Pop
Delicia Pop