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Conservation Efforts

What Cold Weather Means For Sea Turtles

With the holidays and winter weather on its way, what happens to the sea turtles?
Even though Florida waters typically stay warmer than the rest of the United States, there are sea turtles who are still affected by the chilled ocean temperatures even that far south. However, sea turtles who find themselves swimming through colder water in northern regions may encounter "cold-stunning" a lot more often.
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What is "cold stunning?"
Cold Stunning is when a sea turtle goes into a hypodermic state that occurs when they are exposed to prolonged cold water temperatures. This includes a decreased heart rate, decreased circulation, and lethargy. This is often followed by shock, pneumonia, and possibly death if not treated in time.
Since Sea Turtles are naturally cold-blooded reptiles, they depend on external sources of heat which determines their body temperature. In colder water, they are unable to get the warmth they need to warm themselves, and must migrate to warmer waters to avoid cold stunning.
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In Massachusetts alone, there are between 50-200 sea turtles that encounter cold stunning every winter season. In addition to Massachusetts turtles, New York and other northern states also experience cold stunned sea turtles on their beaches. While any sea turtle can be affected by cold stunning, the most common are the Kemp's Ridley, Loggerheads, and Green Sea Turtles. Luckily, there is a solution! Sea Turtle Rescues are contacted every year and save hundreds of cold stunned sea turtles. These turtles are rehabilitated in Sea Turtle Research and Rescue programs and released into warmer water regions.
This holiday season, let us not forgot about our favorite creature in the ocean!
If you are at the beach and see a sea turtle that is not moving, lethargic, or seems to be struggling, please contact your local Sea Turtle Conservation or Sea Turtle Rescue because they may be cold stunned and in need of help. Thank you again, devotees, for helping to make it possible for sea turtles to enjoy not only their summer months in the ocean, but their winter months too!

Bigger Sales Means Bigger Donations!

A common question the Devocean team gets is, "when your products are on sale, does 20% still get donated to Sea Turtle Research and Ocean Conservation Programs?" and the answer is YES!

At Devocean, we are devoted to the ocean, and devoted to helping sea turtles to flourish once again in our oceans. 20% of ALL of our sales (including our soon-to-be Black Friday sale) goes directly towards making sure our vision turns into a reality. We currently donate to the FAU Sea Turtle Research Lab in Boca Raton, Florida.
Lead by Dr. Jeanette Wyneken and Dr. Michael Salmon, these professors and their students have saved thousands of baby hatchlings making sure they receive the proper nutrition, care, and special diet that will enable them to make their journey back to the ocean that much easier. 
Thanks to all of our devotees, we have been able to make extremely generous donations throughout the year and together with our friends at the FAU Sea Turtle Research Lab have helped ensure a better life for thousands of sea turtles, both young and old. Thank you for all you have helped us do - and let us continue to help improve the lives of sea turtles and let them flourish once again! 

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Project AWARE

"Originally formed in 1989 as an environmental initiative by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), Project AWARE existed to increase environmental awareness through diver education. In 1992, with tremendous support from the dive community, Project AWARE Foundation was registered as an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in the U.S. To engage divers and activists around  the world in conservation, Project AWARE became an established UK charity in 1999 and received formal nonprofit status in Australia in 2002." - Project Aware

Recently, Devocean teamed up with Project Aware and participated in their 2nd annual online silent auction. We donated some of our most popular items for people to bid on with 100% of the profits from our basket, as well as every other auction item, going directly towards non-profit organizations dedicated to restoring the health and beauty of our oceans. Funds raised through the auction will go a long way toward engaging scuba divers in environmental programs and activities such as Project AWARE’s citizen science program, Dive Against Debris™, to support a return to a clean and healthy ocean.

Together Devocean, along with all of the other participating sponsors, raised over $10,000! We are so happy that we were able to make a difference by contributing to this great non-profit organization.

For more information on Project Aware and how you can help CLICK HERE

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Thanks to everyone and their positive actions, Green Sea Turtles are no longer considered endangered! This is HUGE! Green Sea Turtles were first added to the Endangered Species List in 1978. Through successful conservation movements, petitions, and public education, Green Sea Turtles are beginning to flourish once again!

While there were only a handful of Green Sea Turtle nests in 1978, there are now 2,250 nesting females in just Florida alone! Although these turtles are no longer endangered, they are still considered threatened. We need to continue to help the sea turtles in order for ALL species to flourish again!
From all of us on the Devocean Team, we want to thank you for helping to make a difference for our oceans and the lives of sea turtles! Let us continue the great work!

Nesting Season Is Coming To An End!

As Sea Turtle Nesting Season is coming to an end in the next few weeks, we are happy to say that because of YOU, many baby sea turtles were able to safely make their way to the ocean! Because of your Devocean, our friends at the FAU Marine Research Lab were able to rescue many turtle nests, rehabilitate sick hatchlings, and release hundreds of hatchlings once they were old enough and strong enough to be released back into the ocean. 

Gumbo Limbo and the FAU Marine Research Lab do not only help and rescue sea turtles during nesting season - they are busy making sure sea turtles are protected and healthy throughout the whole year! Many sick, stranded, and injured sea turtles are brought to the facility throughout the year and the team must work together to ensure the best treatment is given so that the sea turtle can return to the ocean healthy, and as soon as possible. 

The cost of caring for hatchlings and sick sea turtles can be costly. This is why we continue to donate to the FAU Marine Research Lab throughout the year. We support their research in hopes to create happier and healthy lives for sea turtles out in the ocean and we are glad you all are devoted to the same cause! Together, we can continue to make a difference in the lives of sea turtles!