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A new president for the United States could mean new laws put in place for wildlife and old laws taken away. For the past decade it has been debated whether or not the Endangered Species Act established in 1973 is doing its job in helping the 41,415 current species on this list. Some argue that helping certain endangered species like polar bears is ineffective because we cannot stop the natural phenomenon of global warming. Others argue that since the Endangered Species Act became established, very few animals have made any significant recovery.
Worldwide, 6 out of the 7 species of sea turtles are considered threatened or endangered. Both the Hawksbill and Kemp's Ridley sea turtles are listed as critically endangered, meaning these two species are currently at an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild. Officials in Congress argue that this conservation act is hindering drilling, logging, and other activities - all of which can cause unrecoverable impacts on the environment in which these endangered species live. An example would be the Deep Horizon offshore oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that happened back in 2010. 7 years later, there is still marine life being affected by the tar and oil that remains in the gulf and in our oceans. 
Without the Endangered Species Act, thousands of animals, including some species of sea turtles, could face extinction if they are no longer protected. The Devocean Team encourages you not to just help the sea turtles, but all animals that face extinction equally.
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Click on the link below to sign the petition and learn more about what the new bill (Bill S.1731/H.R.3533) opposes and how it weakens the Endangered Species Act, the greatest conservation tool we have to protect and restore these species of threatened and endangered animals.

Delicia Pop
Delicia Pop