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Our Story




Devocean is devoted to the ocean, which means we have a vision of a world where our oceans are clean and free from pollution. All of our efforts as a social enterprise are intended to raise awareness about the growing fragility of marine habitats and encourage people to take immediate action. 


The Devocean team firmly believes that we can help save the sea turtles by investing in conservation programs.  Founded in 2015, our first conservation efforts were to help save these Sea Turtles. We currently donate 20 percent of our net profits to the FAU Marine Research Lab at Gumbo Limbo Nature Center and the amazing nonprofit organization - Friends of Gumbo Limbo. It is programs such as these that have been instrumental in saving the lives of thousands of vulnerable sea turtles.

We are committed to saving our oceans, and we hope you share our commitment.  You can find out more about our marine habitat and sea turtle conservation efforts through groups such as the World Wildlife Federation, SEE Turtles  or Sea Turtle Conservancy.  With your help, we are confident we can enable sea turtles to flourish once again.